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All bookings are shown in Eastern Time Zone. If you are located in a different timezone, please make sure that you have adjusted the time for booking to match EST.

Each Instructor has a clear cancelation policy in place, in case you need to cancel your booked appointment. This is shown in each skill listing that the Instructor offers. The Instructor will include the minimum hours before the session that they allow 100% refund and the minimum hours before the session that they allow 50% refund. If you cancel the booking after the time set for 50% refund, the refund request will not be accepted.

Instructors using MyInstructor platform are not employees and shall not be treated as such in any aspect. Any Instructor using our platform will be representing themselves as their own entity, and will use our platform only as a means of marketing their services and facilitating the payment transactions between a Learner and themselves.

MyInstructor will play an impartial role to help resolve the issue. Both parties will be heard, and it is at MyInstructor’s sole discretion to remediate the situation. If any issues arise, please feel free to contact us at support@myinstructor.expert

*Note: MyInstructor will only be involved for payments made through our platform. We are not liable for any transactions done offsite.

The Instructor has the choice of making a session available Online, at Instructor’s location or at Learner’s location. We highly suggest that all sessions be held Online, if that is possible. If not, it is highly suggested that all sessions are held in a public setting. If the Learner has to go to an unfamiliar location, we suggest that you notify a family member of your whereabouts at all times.

My Instructor charges Learners a 5% platform fee for each booking. This helps us facilitate the payment exchange, as well as provide any support when needed. This fee is non refundable, even in the case of the Learner canceling a booking at any time.

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